Public Limited Companies

Public Limited Company is the company established for the purpose to offer shares for sale to the public and the shareholders shall have the liability limited up to his/her paid amount on shares. Such purpose shall be indicated in the memorandum of association of the company.

The procedure for setting up a limited public company, specified its structures by Public Limited Company Act B.E.2535, is similar to that for a private limited company.

      (1) Number of shareholders: with 15 persons or above
      (2) Registered capital: no minimum amount of registered capital
      (3) Shares' value and payment: Each share must have the same value and must fully pay the shares' price at only one time
      (4) Number of directors: must have at least 5 persons and at least half of the directors must have the registered address in Thailand.

The provisions of the Public Limited Company Act B.E.2535 also allow a private company to be converted into a public company.

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